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  Valuable Mental Health training     for businesses and individuals

With Trust Links Training, you will gain the skills and knowledge to take better care of your own wellbeing, and support your friends, family, colleagues and community. Benefit from mental health or suicide first aid, mental health awareness training and so much more. We also offer discount packages for groups and teams.

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Register for a Trust Links Training Discount Package and get amazing discounts on all course fees!

Students that attend Trust Links Mental Health and Wellbeing courses come away feeling empowered to not only support others but also take better care of themselves.
Registering for a Trust Links Training Package will provide you with discounted access to all of the training opportunities on this site for you, your managers, staff and also all those you offer your services to.
This not only upskills your workforce, but also allows you to sell our courses and discounts on to your own customers and clients in order to improve the wellbeing of your associates and raise important funds to support your organisation.  Once registered you can then choose from a range of discount packages to suit your needs.

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Offer them online, Face to Face & Workplace Training. 


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Take a Trust Links Mental Health Awareness, Self Awareness or Wellbeing Course.

Trust Links delivers a comprehensive package of informative Mental Health Awareness and Pyschoeducational Courses that are delivered online and can also be presented live on application.  
These courses are fully certificated as part of our Trust Links Modular Award Scheme and are eligable for Professional Development Credits upon application to the relevant awarding bodies.  

Upskill yourself and your staff with Mental Health First Aid & Suicide First Aid Qualifications.

Making sure that staff are physical health first aid trained has always been important to well run businesses. But for far too long, mental health first aid had mostly been ignored.  
Trust Links delivers online and face to face Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid courses that are City & Guilds accredited and co certificated by MHFAE, SFA and Trust Links.  These courses are important so are heavily discounted for all registered Trust Links Training Package Members.
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